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Advanced Processing Technology Research Center (APT) in Beihang University has been concentrating on vibro-machining research for more than 20 years. We have developed many advanced vibro-machining systems, which includes vibration aided milling machine, vibration aided drilling machine, vibration aided tapping machine, vibration aided lathe, vibro-machining accessories and robots. Today, vibro-machining technology in APT is aiming to specialization, standardization, and industrialization.

Bionic and Micro/Nano/Bio Manufacturing Technology Research Center (4OM Center) Opened up a new field of Bio-machining in 1996. We have proposed a series of bio-aided machining schemes varying from bio-removing forming, bio-limited forming, bio-replicated forming, bio-jointed forming, bio-growing forming to Bio-self-assembled Forming, and published many original path-breaking papers. Bio-machining has become a new branch of manufacturing technology, which is more and more practical, systematic, and institutionalized. [more]

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